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Hello inhabitants of the internet! I’ve moved my blog to Blogger some time ago so please check it out if you’re still interested with my stuff. I will no longer post here and this shall be my last here. See you at my new place!


My favourite quote from this video? “Don’t decide your career before you can legally buy a beer” because dayuumm, that was what I did. I decided to go into Animation at the raw age of 17, and now at 20, I finally have a clue about what I really want from life, and it definitely isn’t animation.

Not to say I regret going into this course. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process because through this I have met so many wonderful people who have changed me, and when I think about my 17 year old self, I realise I have indeed grown a lot. I’m less shy than I used to be, less antisocial and less scared to approach people. I never knew anything about inter-personal and intra-personal skills when I was in high school. I had my good days and bad days, but thanks to going into college, I opened up my world to more possibilities.

Anyway here is my list to the questions above 🙂

The experiences I want:

* travel around the world and learn about different society and cultures
* go bungee jumping, skydiving at least once
* meet and make friends who have similar passion, and maintain old friendships
* open a art cafe/library/bookshop, where people share their passion
* go bald at least once(just because)
* make my parents proud and happy for me
* have a small little garden

How I want to grow:

* learn to love myself more, mistakes, flaws and all.
* learn Japanese, French.
* learn how to be more compassionate
* learn how to be more in tune with spiritual self
* learn technical skills like barista, cooking, play the ukelele
* learn how to be less stubborn, more patient
* learn how to lead and motivate people

What I want to contribute to the world:

* help those who are really in need, restore the faith in humanity
* create a series of illustrations about my experiences and life so that others could benefit from it
* go around the world to help educate children with whatever skills I have
* organ donation
* sponsor a child
* sponsor my parents on a trip overseas

Still have so much growing to do!

p/s: this list will be changing as I grow older. Last edited 23/3/2014.

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Bean Boozled?

I remember watching a show about weird jelly bean flavour when I was very young. They had all sorts of nonsensical flavours like vomit, booger, grass and etc. I told my friends that these flavours actually existed but they didn’t believe me, and so I doubted my childhood memory. But today I came across a video in youtube with people trying out this weird invention. My memory was right! They do exist!

Thinking of challenging the vomit flavour or perhaps..the rotten egg? Ugh! Too bad they don’t sell it in Malaysia.
You know what? I’m gonna start treasure hunting for this baby!


So I recently got into Japanese style photography after getting bored of premade app filters in smartphones. I got to fool around with editing the photos in this post. Still can’t really get the desired effect, probably because my photos aren’t ‘white’ (so racist!). Japanese photography is all about the white space, high exposure, clean and simple set up. Maybe one day I’ll paint my future house white just to get this effect.

Here’s a test. Any success?

Then my pwetty niece came, and I got a few pretty snapshots of her.

I quite like the following photo. The lighting direction was good, by pure luck.

Aaaaaanyways, remember this post where I fan-girled about the Traveler’s Notebook and wanted to make my own version of MTN? Well I tried with fake leather, and failed miserably. I couldn’t get real leather and fake leather would had to do, but it ended up badly and I couldn’t bear to use that shit. So I allowed myself to splurge on the real thang TEEHEE *broke for the next few months*

I got mine from Tabiyo. They also sell refills and other accessories to compliment the book *goodbye $$*

The package was nicely wrapped and Tabiyo was kind enough to include some tapes and postcards 😀

I’ve been using the book for 2 months-ish now, and currently my book looks like this. Taadaa~

I made all the refills myself because being a student doesn’t give me the privilege to spend that much money. I was pretty addicted tho. Gave me comfort knowing that almost everything inside the book was made by yours truly.

A very good friend got this Totoro bookmark clip from Hong Kong. SQUEEEELSSSS

And another shot that I tried to photoshop to get the Japanese style effect.

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